Mask making

Sri Lanka one of a great destination with many indigenous traditions. Mask is one of the unique and amazing traditions of Ceylon. Ambalangoda is famous for Mask making one of indigenous and colorful living art by Sri Lankan and it comes generation to generation. There are several families implementing this amazing trade, those masks use for rituals and each and every mask has an own story. There is huge variety of masking during the Sri Lanka. The painting style changes mask to mask and some are represented gods or goddess even devil. It is amazing craft creation by people also people believe hanging mask at your home will be brought lucky to your home. Anyhow this is a great and finest art of Sri Lanka.

The Ambalangoda Mask Museum is designed to introduce into the richness of the mask tradition of Ambalangoda and to strengthen this cultural heritage. The museum is by the side of the road, also houses the mask workshop, mini cultural centre and a small library. Apart from creating a lasting footprint on the country’s heritage, the museum is an authority on the traditional mask craftsmanship.

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