Kannelya rain forest

Kannelya rain forest is just one of the Galle s many landmarks to discover and it was designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by the UNESCO. Tourists who are seeking adventure based tourism locations in Sri Lanka tour the Kanneliya rain forest. Probably it is more appropriate for a natural bath, Hiking, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. It is a low land forest extends about 5306 ha. Galle consists of 3 major forest reservation complexes. Namely Kanneliya, Dediyagala, and Nakiyadeniya (Some call it the KDN complex). Kanneliya rain forest located about 36 km to the northeast from Galle. And also it is a tropical rain forest in Galle district. The mean annual rainfall is around 3750 mm. Kanneliya forest is well enriched with bio diversity. It may be second listed just because of the Sinharaja Forest. ‘Gin Ganga’ river is the main water supplement to the Kanneliya forest.

December to February is the most suitable months to travel as it gets the highest rain fall. Usually, the streams are running with their full force of water through the jungle and create beautiful cascades and sceneries. It will make you sense. You can bath in cool natural streams. Eventually, it will energize you. Somehow you will have to take care of leeches. Bring some lime with you and if you are beaten, put few drops on the leech and it will leave you at once. Some of the popular pools located in the forest are the natural pool behind the Kanneliya forest resort, the pool in front of the Kanneliya conservation center (KCC) and the pool behind the KCC.

Tourists looking for hiking are encouraged to visit the forest during the months of March or April as it may get reduced the rain fall. There are two traces used for hiking. You can select either route to Kabbale Mountain or the route through "Narangas" Ella. The gigantic"‘Navada" tree is on the same way. A panoramic view of the entire area can be entertained at the top of the Kabbale hill. The light filtered through the forest canopy and tree leaves are unmemorable.

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