Madu River

River Safari offers unforgettable impressions while exploring the unique mangroves. There are various kinds of rivers that are start on middle of the country. The most famous rivers are Madu ganga and Benthota river .

Madu river locate  Southern region of Sri Lanka lies the Galle district at Balapitiya town. Balpitiya is a little town in the district and would be quite trivial; except for the location of a river. The Madu River is very rich in bio diversity. It passes through the wet zone of Sri Lanka opening up into the large Madu Lagoon on its way to the Indian Ocean.  Madu Ganga is the only pristine mangrove forest in Sri Lanka after Bentota. A boat trip to this wonderful place will let you see different variety of plants and animals. You will spot 64 island in total in the river and the lagoon. Meanwhile you can also relish the food cooked on cinnamon woods. The boat trip will take you to an island which has housed a Buddhist monastery Kothduwa where the young monks will show you a 150 year old book made of palm leaves.

The coastal town in Sri Lanka Galle District lies 65 km (40 mi) south of Colombo and, paired with Trincomalee in the north, offers a good beach stop with which to bookend a trip. The Bentota River is a beautiful river crowded with wildlife.

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